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Bronze Paste

This paste uses the standard bronze powder to prepare a paste suited to various oil and water-based inks and other applications.
Color No. 5 (pale gold) 90 % copper and 10 % zinc
Color No. 6 (intermediate coloring between colors 5 and 7)
Color No. 7 (rich gold) 75 % copper and 25 % zinc
Bronze powder is manufactured by pulverizing the alloy into flakes as it is flattened by impact from falling stamps in a stamp mill.
The pulverized powder fragments are then sorted based on particle size and polished to prepare the final product.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Stamped Powders
Main Applications Daily Living > Paints and printing inks
Main ingredients Cu (copper) Zn (zinc)
Manufacturing method Stamp milling
Shape Flaked

●Water-Based Paste (Types PH, SH, and EH)
The surface of this paste is treated with a surface treatment agent that disperses in water. This paste for water-based coatings is especially ideal for gold-colored textile printing.
●Oil-Based Paste (Type O)
This paste is processed with mineral spirits. It offers superior anti-scattering performance and superior dispersion in paints.
●Oil-Based Paste (Type SBR)
This paste was developed for gold ink using a specialized surface treatment agent. It offers the ability to prepare gold inks with luster that does not deteriorate after ink preparation and excellent stability during storage.
●Oil-Based Paste (Type UV)
This bronze paste is surface treated so that it is suited to UV printing.

Note: A variety of particle sizes are available. For questions regarding particle size, please consult FUKUDA.

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