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Bronze Powder (Heat and Corrosion-Resistant Bronze Powders)

The bronze powder is the standard powder with a surface treatment that enhances heat and corrosion resistance.
Color No. 5 (pale gold) 90 % copper and 10 % zinc
Color No. 6 (intermediate coloring between colors 5 and 7)
Color No. 7 (rich gold) 75 % copper and 25 % zinc
Bronze powder is manufactured by pulverizing the alloy into flakes as it is flattened by impact from falling stamps in a stamp mill.
The pulverized powder fragments are then sorted based on particle size and polished to prepare the final product.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Stamped Powders
Main Applications Daily Living > Paints and printing inks
Main ingredients Cu (copper) Zn (zinc)
Manufacturing method Stamp milling
Shape Flaked

●Corrosion-Resistant Bronze Powder (Type R)
The heat resistance of this powder is the same as standard bronze powder, but the corrosion resistance is somewhat superior to standard bronze powder. Due to its effectiveness in resisting discoloration after printing or painting and as an anti-gelling material in vehicles, it is often used on fusuma (paper doors), wallpaper, and textiles.
●Heat and Corrosion-Resistant Bronze Powder (Type HRS)
This bronze powder offers superior corrosion resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance compared to standard bronze powder. Due to its extremely high performance in terms of discoloration resistance, it is often used for wallpaper, wall materials, printed textiles, leather cloth, baked-on coatings, and as a coloring agent for synthetic polymers.

Note: A variety of particle sizes are available. For questions regarding particle size, please consult FUKUDA.

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