Product Information

Flake Copper Powder

This copper powder is in the form of flakes. A high aspect ratio is achieved using FUKUDA's unique stamp milling technology. In spite of their thinness, the flakes offer superior coverage performance for use in a wide variety of applications.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Stamped Powders
Main Applications Daily Living > Paints and printing inks
Main ingredients Cu (copper)
Manufacturing method Stamp milling
Shape Flaked

●This dry copper flake powder with a high aspect ratio offers low apparent density.
●Applications: Catalysts, powder metallurgy, antibacterial agents, EMI shielding, paints, and inks

Grade Composition Apparent density Particle Size Distribution (mass %)
(g/cm3) +75μm +45μm -45μm
MS-800 Cu100 0.6 -1.0 <4 <25 >75
Cu-S -100 Cu100 0.9 -1.3 - <35 >65
E 3 Cu100 0.9 -1.7 <3 <40 >60

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