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Continue Being a Leading Company in Global Metal Foil and Powder Markets as a "Metal Stylist"

Shuzo Sonoda

FUKUDA's history begins over 300 years ago, in 1700, when Benseki Fukuda founded Izutsuya, a shop that handled gold and silver foils and powders, in the Matsubara-Muromachi district of Kyoto city. The guiding philosophy behind FUKUDA's more than 300 years of history was recorded in the family dictum "Ie-no-Nae" (meaning family seedlings) by the second owner Renseki Fukuda. To this day, FUKUDA has continued to manage the company according to that philosophy, which is based on sound management practices and a focus on society. Generate ideas based on needs and create businesses based on seeds (where "seeds" refers to new technologies, materials, services, or other seeds currently available for starting unique new businesses). As a "metal stylist," FUKUDA is dedicated to building a better society by searching for potential opportunities for foils and powders.