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Bronze Powder (Standard Bronze Powders)

Bronze powder is pulverized into flakes, classified according to particle size and polished to prepare the final product.
Color No. 5 (pale gold) 90% copper and 10% zinc
Color No. 6 (intermediate coloring between color 5 and color 7)
Color No. 7 (rich gold) 75% copper and 25% zinc
Bronze powder is manufactured by pulverizing the alloy into flakes as it is flattened by impact from falling stamps in a stamp mill.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Stamped Powders
Main Applications Daily Living > Paints and printing inks
Main ingredients Zn (zinc)
Manufacturing method Stamp milling
Shape Flaked

●This typical bronze powder has leafing characteristics that maximizes metallic luster for printing inks, paints, and other applications.
●Applications: Textile printing, paints, gravure printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, and stationery

Class Grade Particle dia. (μm) Thickness (µm) Application
Pale Gold Rich Pale Gold Rich Gold Average Average Textile Printing Paints Gravure Printing Inks Inks Office Supplies
E E 5 E 6 E 7 35 0.80      
L L 5 L 6 L 7 30 0.70      
2L 2L5 2L6 2L7 25 0.50      
3L 3L5 3L6 3L7 20 0.40      
4L 4L5 4L6 4L7 15 0.35      
No.10 No.50 No.60 No.70 10 0.25      
No.100 No.500 No.600 No.700 7 0.20      
No.1000 No.5000 No.6000 No.7000 5 0.18      
No.1110 No.5550 No.6660 No.7770 3 0.15      

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