Product Information

Copper Core Ball

These metal balls consist of copper balls, which offer superior sphericity and size uniformity, as the core material. They are coated with lead-free solder.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Metal Balls
Main Applications Energy > Power generation equipment > Conductive materials Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Bonding materials Automobiles > Conductive materials
Main ingredients Cu (copper) Ag (silver) Sn (tin)
Manufacturing method Uniform droplet spraying (metal balls)
Shape Spherical

The size of Cu balls can be selected from particle diameters ranging from 80 to 760 µm. Offering superior strength, they are suitable for use in ensuring clearances in semiconductor packages. A wide variety of plating thicknesses and compositions are also available. Contact a FUKUDA representative for more details.

Cu Ball Particle Diameter 80~760µm
Plating Composition Sn, Sn-Ag, Sn-Ag-Cu,Sn-Bi, Sn-Cu, Ag-Cu

* Contact a FUKUDA representative for plating thickness.

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