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Color Ace Construction Material Series

Unlike conventional aluminum composite panels for framed doors, expanded polyethylene (black) is used as the core material and the aluminum surface material is as thin as possible to minimize weight. Excellent workability makes them easy to cut and drill. Twelve types are available for various aluminum frame materials.

Product Categories Processed Products > Metal-Polymer Composite Boards
Main Applications Daily Living > Housing and construction materials
Main ingredients Al (aluminum)
Shape Sheets

1. Light Weight
The composite aluminum and plastic board offers low weight and superior rigidity.
2. Superior Workability
Boards can be cut, drilled, or processed using other methods. They are even easy to cut in the field.
3. Safety
Due to the composite aluminum and plastic board structure, the board will not break even when impacted.

Color Ace Construction Material Series Specifications Chart

Figure in parentheses indicates quantity in package

Grade and Standard Thickness Standard Size (mm) (weight per sheet)

(3.9 kg per sheet)

(4.7 kg per sheet)
(7.4 kg per sheet)
C222FF Glossy Silver 3mm (10) (6) (5)
C211FF Matte Silver (10 (6 (5)
C203FF Bronze (10 (6 (5
C204FF Dark Bronze (10 - -
C206FF White (10 (6 -
C215FF Off-White (10 (6) (5)
C225FF Brown (10 - -
C237FF Black (10) (6) (5)
C290FF Metallic Beige (10 - -
C240FF Metallic Silver-Beige (10) (6) (5)
C242FF YK brown (10) - -
C211L-F Silver Ribbed (10) - -

Color Ace Perforated Panel Specifications Chart

Standard Thickness/Size (mm) 3×1000×2000
Standard Hole Diameters 5 mm dia. 10P ( 60 deg. staggered pattern ) with 22.6 % hole area or 5 mm dia. 15P ( 45 deg. staggered pattern ) with 17.4 % hole area
Standard Colors C211FF ( matte silver ), C203FF ( bronze ), C237FF ( black ), C215FF ( off-white ), or C240FF ( metallic silver-beige )
  • Both the Color Ace construction material series and perforated panels have protective film on both sides.
  • The indicated thicknesses, sizes, weights, and other information may vary slightly depending on the manufacturing lot.
  • For handling purposes, Color Ace perforated panels include a non-perforated perimeter margin about 10 mm wide on all four sides and a shallow indentation of about 8×60 mm in all four corners.
  • Because Color Ace materials are made of aluminum, they will corrode in the same manner as plain aluminum sheets.Avoid using the product in direct contact with acidic or alkaline substances.
  • If fastening the product directly with screws or bolts, take into consideration thermal expansion of screw/bolt holes by providing loose holes that are 2 to 4 mm larger than the nominal shaft diameter of the screws/bolts.
  • If fastening the product with a sash or frame, take into consideration thermal expansion and the amount of shifting that can occur due to loads and deflection when determining how deep to insert panels to prevent them from falling out.
  • Remove the protective film promptly after installation. Leaving the film installed for long periods could prevent it from peeling off properly.
  • Indicated specifications are subject to change without notice.

Color Ace Construction Material Panel Construction Example



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