Product Information

Heat-Treated Powder

After heat treating existing powder products, they are pulverized to further powderize them, which can provide additional new properties to existing powders.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Heat Treated Powders
Main Applications Energy > Power generation equipment > Powder metallurgy (oil-impregnated bearings and machinery parts) Automobiles > Powder metallurgy (oil-impregnated bearings and machinery parts)
Main ingredients Cu (copper) Sn (tin)
Manufacturing method Heat treatment
Shape Dendritic Irregular shape

This powder offers good compactibility and sinterability. In addition, this powder can also be used to produce partial alloy powders by heat treating and pulverizing a mixture of multiple powder products.

Grade Composition
Flow Rate
Particle Size Distribution (mass %)
+150 μm -45 μm
Cu-At-G-100 Cu100 2.4-3.0 35 ≦1 35-60
Bro-GS-100 Cu90 Sn10 2.5-3.1 10-35 1 30-50
Bro-AG1L Cu90 Sn10 2.1-2.7 38 +250 μm1 30-50