Product Information

Plain Aluminum Foil

FUKUDA offers a wide variety of high-quality aluminum foil products suitable for a broad range of applications, from aluminum foil for pharmaceutical and food packaging to high-purity aluminum foil for use in capacitors.

Product Categories Metal Foils > Aluminum Foils
Main Applications Energy > Rechargeable battery current collectors > LIB Energy > Rechargeable battery current collectors > LIC Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Capacitors Electronics > Electronic part packaging Healthcare > Pharmaceutical packaging
Main ingredients Al (aluminum)
Shape Rolled

Aluminum offers excellent properties as a packaging material, such as light shielding, moisture resistant, and barrier properties. Aluminum properties can be further enhanced by laminating it to a plastic film or coating it with plastic, and this is widely used as a packaging material for pharmaceuticals and foods and as a material for electronic tags, battery coverings, and many other applications.

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