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Ultra Very Low Profile Rolled Copper Foil [RCF-T4X]

The T4X sub-micron micro-roughening treatment significantly increases surface area without affecting roughness, which is especially helpful for increasing adhesion strength. With high particle adhesion, there is no worry of particles falling off and contaminating lines. The Rzjis value after roughening is maintained at 1.0 µm and transparency of the film after being etched is also good.

Product Categories Metal Foils Metal Foils > Copper Foils Metal Foils > Copper Foils > RA Copper Foils
Main Applications Electronics > EMI shielding Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Circuit conductors Electronics > Printed circuit boards Electronics > Printed circuit boards > Flexible circuit boards
Main ingredients Cu (copper)
Shape Rolled

The use of this surface treated rolled copper foil with a low-roughness and high-transparency in two-layer flexible circuit boards has a long track record.

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