Product Information

Conventional ED Copper Foil [HS/UN Series]

This high-temperature high-elongation foil is intended for IPC grade 3 rigid boards.
The UN series increases the sharpness of the nodules on the matte side of the raw copper foil to increase the gap size between nodules and achieve a smoother resin flow.
The HS series is available in 9 µm or 12 µm thicknesses and is easier to handle.
In addition to outer layers, this foil is also suitable for use as an inner layer for CCL, BU, or other boards.

Product Categories Metal Foils Metal Foils > Copper Foils Metal Foils > Copper Foils > ED Copper Foils
Main Applications Electronics > EMI shielding Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Circuit conductors Electronics > Printed circuit boards Electronics > Printed circuit boards > Flexible circuit boards Electronics > Printed circuit boards > Rigid circuit boards
Main ingredients Cu (copper)
Shape Rolled Sheets

This ED foil offers broad applicability and is suitable for use as either an outer or inner layers for rigid boards.

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