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Silver-Coated Copper Powder

Silver-coated copper powder is a composite powder consisting of copper powder with a silver plating applied to its surfaces.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Silver-Coated Copper Powders
Main Applications Energy > Power generation equipment > Conductive materials Energy > Power generation equipment > Carbon brushes Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Pastes Automobiles > Carbon brushes Automobiles > Conductive materials
Main ingredients Cu (copper) Ag (silver)
Manufacturing method Plating
Shape Dendritic Spherical Flaked

These copper powders are available in either spherical, dendritic, or flake form. The quantity of silver plating can also be adjusted. This product offers superior characteristics of both copper and silver.

Grade 50%-Diameter
Tap Density
Specific Surface Area
10 % Ag-coated Cu-HWQ 5 mm 5.89 4.33 3400
10 % Ag-coated FCC-2000 10.72 2.70 5800
10 % Ag-coated FCC-115 18.75 1.55 5400
10 % Ag-coated 2L3 10.86 1.04 16600

* Values shown are representative values. They are not guaranteed values.


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