Product Information

Premixed Powder

Premixed powders are a mixture of several powders.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Premixed Powders
Main Applications Energy > Power generation equipment > Powder metallurgy (oil-impregnated bearings and machinery parts) Automobiles > Powder metallurgy (oil-impregnated bearings and machinery parts)
Main ingredients Cu (copper) Sn (tin)
Manufacturing method Mixing
Shape Dendritic Irregular shape

Various product numbers are available for different applications. FIP-K1 powder offers good compactibility and infiltration characteristics and is widely used as infiltration material.

Grade Composition
Flow Rate
Particle Size Distribution (mass %)
+150 μm -45 μm
Bro-M3 Cu90 Sn10 2.8-3.20  - ≦1 40-65
Bro-M7 Cu90 Sn10 2.4-2.85 - 1 40-60
Bro-ME1 Cu90 Sn10 2.8-3.25 40 1 25-45
FIP-K1 Cu-Fe-Zn-Mn-Si 3.0-4.50 - +250 μm 5 35-70