Product Information

Submicron-Sized Extra Fine Copper Powder [EFC]

This next-generation material is prepared by treating fine copper particles obtained by electrolytic-chemical reduction with an anti-rust treatment.

Product Categories Metal Powders > Chemically Reduced Copper Powders
Main Applications Energy > Power generation equipment > Conductive materials Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Circuit conductors Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Films Electronics > Electronic parts (conductor materials) > Pastes Automobiles > Conductive materials
Main ingredients Cu (copper)
Manufacturing method Chemical reduction
Shape Granular

This super fine copper powder is available in either 0.5 µm or 1.3 µm particle sizes. It requires no restrictions on the type of solvent used for preparing pastes. This powder enables low-temperature firing and is ideal for various electronic materials.

Grade Tap Density
Specific Surface Area
Oxygen Content
EFC-20LML 2.3-3.3 1.8-2.3 0.4-0.7 0.1-1.0
EFC-09LML 2.8-3.8 0.8-1.3 0.8-1.8 0.1-0.8

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