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Reliable products are ensured using an environmentally-friendly quality control system.

The consistently high precision products are ensured by FUKUDA's quality control system, which uses independently developed inspection equipment and cutting edge analytical instruments. As customers require ever-higher material property and quality levels, FUKUDA is using increasingly sophisticated technologies to ensure their requirements are satisfied.

Quality Policy

  1. As a "Metal Stylist", always continue to embrace the challenge of developing technologies able to satisfy various quality requirements for metal foils and powders, in an effort to establish FUKUDA as a company that is truly unique in terms of quality, cost, and delivery.
  2. Improve FUKUDA's customer satisfaction index.
  3. Satisfy specified requirements.
  4. Avoid and reduce business risks.
  5. Establish, implement, and maintain a quality management system, review it regularly, and continually improve its effectiveness.

Certifications Obtained - ISO Quality Certifications Obtained

Quality Management System

FUKUDA obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification in October 1995.